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Piacenza Cashmere 1733 x Fila

Tela Vela

Tela Vela

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Originally designed in 1974 for the White Rock line, this iconic FILA item soon turned into a staple for mountain, climbing, and leisure lovers. PIACENZA 1733 gave new life to it. The PIACENZA 1733 X FILA Tela Vela jacket matches the navy blue military-inspired four-pockets exterior made of water-repellent wool with with a detachable inner layer that draws its design from FILA’s iconic track tops and features a recycled cashmere padded nylon lining, creating a unique piece. The bold contrast of colors brings the FILA logo alive.

Limited Edition 110

Tela Vela will be produced in a limited edition of 110 pieces

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Exclusive Packaging Piacenza Cashmere 1733 x Fila

An emotional moment, the Bag designed by Piacenza Cashmere x FILA

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The packaging is no exception, and is made with excess stock of fine Piacenza wool. Functionality, sustainability and aesthetics meet: excellence in style is reflected in excellence in ethics, guaranteeing a holistic message.


Being PIACENZA 1733, the Tela Vela wool fabric was entirely made with ethically sourced raw materials supplied by qualified partners.


On the occasion of the 110th anniversary, FILA continues to celebrate the Italian origin and the innovative spirit that has animated the brand for over a century, collaborating with icons of local excellence in the field of fashion and beyond. FILA's goal is to highlight beauty, culture and unique know-how in all its forms, with the unmistakable Italian style that comes from aiming for the best, and only the best.

FILA's Italian journey continues through the partnership with PIACENZA 1733, a true point of reference in the world of fabrics, with a history of innovation spanning almost four centuries. Founded in 1623 in Pollone, in the heart of the Biella textile district, PIACENZA 1733 continues to carry forward, one generation after another, the desire to create the best fabrics, paying the utmost attention to raw materials, fine blends and noble fibers , promoting harmony with the environment through responsible choices. Both dedicated to excellence in their respective fields, and both from Biella, FILA and PIACENZA 1733 have joined forces to create a garment that is as unique and precious as it is pragmatic and everyday, to be worn in contact with the elements, fully experiencing travel and adventures: a Tela jacket Sustainable wool sail.

FILA and PIACENZA 1733 are two Italian brands that align themselves in the name of innovation, openness and responsibility.