Alashan Cashmere

Cashmere: even the simple sound of the word is evocative and contains a romantic story, not comparable with that of any other fiber. The finest Cashmere fibers, those selected by Piacenza 1733, derive from goat specimens from the Alashan region in Northern China, and have adapted to live in harsh places with cold temperatures in winter and hot in summer. These environmental conditions favor the best quality of the duvet and that is why no other cashmere can match Alashan cashmere.

Merino Wool

PIACENZA 1733 has always stood out for the pursuit of excellence, right from the first selection of wools. Our exclusive items are made with Australian-sourced wool. The merino sheep was born to withstand the most extreme elements thanks to its exceptionally designed coat, its fineness can be very close to the Vicuña fiber. The wools come from qualified and periodically verified partners and this translates into a better quality of life for animals, the planet and people.