Collection: Vicuña

Precious and exclusive.
These two characteristics can summarize the soul of the Vicuña fabric made by Piacenza, one of the very few companies in the world capable of obtaining and processing this rare fiber.
The smallest and most delicate of the camelids, in fact, cannot be shorn every year and produces a small amount of wool.
Known as the “Fiber of the Gods”, Vicuña has earned this fame thanks to its peculiar characteristics: it is among the finest fibers in the world.
Its scarcity of production and consequently the difficulty of finding it contribute to increase its value, making it precious.
The fleeces of the South American camelids are shorn by hand or collected along the paths of the Andean highlands, respecting their wild state.
The Fratelli Piacenza wool mill, thanks to special agreements with Peruvian communities, has managed to secure a secure source of the “Fleece of the Gods” and transforms the desire by creating fabrics required by luxury and the best tailors in the world.

Vicuña Homewear

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