Known as the “Yarn of the Gods”, Vicuña earned this reputation for its divine properties: it is one of the world’s finest fibres. Its sheer scarcity, which also means that it is extremely hard to come by, contributes to increasing its value, making it all but priceless.
These camelids’ fleeces are shorn by hand or collected along the paths of the high Andean mountain plateaux, where the animals live in the wild.
As a result of special agreements with Peruvian communities, the Fratelli Piacenza wool mills have succeeded in securing a reliable source for the “Fleece of the Gods” and trans- form the fibres to create fabrics in high demand in the luxury sector and the world’s finest tailoring establishments.

Stola realizzata  con un preggiato filo di Vicuña.Colore: NaturalStile: Tinta UnitaMisura: 70x200

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