Woman – Piacenza Cashmere


The ability to "weave" the past with a vision of today, Piacenza Cashmere presents the first capsule collection FW 21-22 dedicated entirely to women. The fil rouge of choice is travel, an element that has always distinguished the company and the Piacenza family, which with great initiative, determination and extreme curiosity has "been able to navigate with stormy winds, calm and also trading winds, Mistral winds". The family archives take us to distant lands, and amongst the grandeur of the past and the constant endeavour to explore and innovate, we are projected to discover garments that skilfully reinterpret the motifs of the lands of Africa and Latin America. Looks that are a high concentration of style and experimentation, where the geometric designs inspired by African "Kuba" cloths and the graphic patterns obtained thanks to the play of "Mexico" vertical lines, with the complicity of the complex structure of the jacquard, give us a three-dimensional feel that cannot go unnoticed. Patterns inspired by graphic mosaics or diamond shapes favour Cablè mohair, shiny and soft, perfect for shorts, trousers and dresses. Inevitable are the wefts with a mannish attitude, such as the English rib, which find their utmost expression in the over scarves. Soft, precious yarns are the main ingredient in a collection whose aesthetic minimalism will win us over at first glance, with its real stylism and a strong soul like the women for whom it is designed.